Application for participation in the MDP project
The project participant (hereinafter referred to as "A") and the project host MetaDrive CEO Kim Jong-min (hereinafter referred to as "A") enter into an MDP project participation contract as follows.

Article 1 [Purpose]
The purpose of this contract is to establish the rights and obligations related to "Party A"'s participation in the MDP project of "Party B".

Article 2 [Participation Fees]
The cost of participating in the project by "A" for "B" is the amount of participation written in the "Content" column.

Article 3 [Project]
1. Meta Drive Premium (hereinafter referred to as MDP)
2. Project Participation Price: KRW 5,000 per MDP
3. MDP quantity: quantity written in the 'content' column
4. Participants in the MDP project receive an additional MKRW (2500MKRW per MDP) of 50% of the participated amount.
MKRW (Free Gift) is free of charge and can be used as a discount coupon at MD SHOP.

Article 4 [MDP and free gift payment]
1. "B" pays MDP through a meta-drive app installed and subscribed after the contract deposit with "A" is completed.
2. "B" sends MDP to "A" through the meta-drive app within 24 hours if "A" has paid all the participation fees after the contract.
3. MKRW is provided through the meta-drive app nickname of "A" registered in the contract.
Article 5 [Special Agreement]
A participating in the MDP project can receive MD compensation from B according to the number of MDP held by A through the monthly reporting system.
MD compensation quantity according to MDP holdings is 10MD free MD compensation per month per 1,000 MDP holdings (free gift).
Compensation through the MDP retention reporting system at the end of each month. See MDP Project Terms and Conditions.
The MDP's free MD compensation (gift) will be maintained for two years from the start date of the MDP project (24 October 2022).
The MDP of 20 million units of distribution has the right to convert to 1 MDP = 10 MD upon request from "B" two years later (October 24, 2024).

Article 6 [Mutual Exemption]
If "A" wants to receive it with an electronic wallet address, it must state the address of the electronic wallet accurately to receive an MDP digital membership. "A" is solely responsible for the loss of its MDP digital membership due to "A"'s e-wallet address. If "A" pays "B" in full, and "B" pays "A" all MDP, "A" shall not be liable to "B" for "MDP" or "MDP" for reasons unrelated to "B"'s obligation.

Article 7 [Dispute Resolution]
In the event of a dispute between the two parties in connection with this Agreement, in principle, "A" and "B" shall be settled by mutual agreement.

Article 8 [Other Matters]
1. The parties to the contract shall comply with the contents of this contract in good faith.
2. For parts not specified in this contract, we shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations and commercial practices.
3. The signature of "B" is omitted.The signature of "A" is replaced by pressing the "Participate" button. "A" and "B" keep the contents of the contract through screenshots or outputs.
4. MD is provided and compensated for free, and the number of uses is increasing so that it can be used in real life.
Exchange transactions are made into autonomous transactions, and the headquarters does not participate in transactions.
40 million MDP have been issued and will be listed on the Digital Asset Exchange for autonomous transactions within 2023 when 20 million are sold out.
In addition, MetaDrive does not say anything definitive about listing and price increases on major exchanges, nor does it engage in any market price adjustment.
5. MetaDrive does not engage in socially challenged sales activities.

Article 9 [Return and Refund Provisions]
1. Once issued, MDP cannot be returned or refunded.
2. Once an MDP is issued, development and other costs will be incurred, so no returns or refunds will be made.

< Contents to be stated in the contract >
1. Name
2. Meta-drive app nickname (created when subscribing to the application)
3. Mobile phone number
4. Amount of participation, number of participation in MDP

* Immediately send MDP and MKRW when the deposit is completed.

Press the 'Participate' button after completing

< CAUTION > Only those who understand the contract and agree to participate in the MDP project can participate.

Meta Drive Representative Deposit Account:
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